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Let's Get Back to the Basics

Haven’t blogged here in a little bit as I've been a little bit lost on what to talk about and what would resonate with this audience.

Bend Don't Break is supposed to be all about sport specific care, but lately after spending a


few years in both circus specific care and working with the general population, there is so much overlap between the two.

Things like general nutrition, basic strength and movement ability, sleep and recovery habits, and mental wellness, all matter regardless of your sport. They are the building blocks that let us excel at a sport.

We don’t always need a shiny new exercise or the next trendy supplement to make us better. Sometimes yes. Mostly no.

Do we need clinicians, coaches, and trainers who understand the specific needs of our sports and how to get us there? Or get us back there after an injury? Of course! But this is nothing without the basics. The specifics of our sports can be so much more with a proper basis of health and movement.

So get ready, while this is still a circus and artistic athlete specific blog, I'm going to be writing all about the basics for the next little bit. Keep an eye out for each new post, or follow the links below:

Basics Series: Nutrition

Basics Series: Sleep & Recovery

Basics Series: Hydration

Basics Series: Movement


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