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Strength Training

Strength is the basis of all sports performance, and has huge benefit for all athletes, including dancers, gymnasts, acrobats, and aerialists.

Maximizing the physical capabilities of the athlete through a systematic approach to strength training is the focus of Bend Don't Break. Allowing athletes to express their full potential in sport is accomplished by:

  • Developing correct exercise technique

  • Improving your strength and power base 

  • Individualizing programs to address athlete specific strengths and weaknesses

  • Improving athletes’ physical training through sport specific conditioning sessions

Physical Therapy for Dancers

How Do We Make it Happen? 

All options can be done either virtually or in person. 

Individual Training

For your athlete or child, one-on-one strength training sessions will help them develop the proper movement patterns, strength, and power they need to excel. In an individual session, we can spend time working specifically on their body's needs and goals, and correcting any imbalances to prevent injury or regain strength after injury.  

Sessions are offered at 1 hr or 45min lengths.

Team or Small Group Training

Whether you would like to introduce this to your whole team, or if you have a couple athletes who you feel can benefit from some more targeted attention, Bend Don't Break can offer training and programming specific to developing the aspects of fitness needed most for your sport. Programming is not cookie cutter, and will take into consideration your competition and vacation schedules.

Sessions are offered at 1 hr or 45min lengths.

Strength Classes


For your gym or studio, strength classes may be the option for you. For either 45 minutes or 1 hours length options, a strength training class can fit easily into your regular schedule rotation and provide your athletes with the extra boost they need to succeed. Classes can be modified to fit your studio's specific needs or goals, but will always keep a focus to developing proper movement patterns, strength, power, and biomechanical balance in the body.   

Program Planning or Consultation 

Not sure where to start? Not sure if your program is the best it can be? Let's chat about how a strength training program can benefit your athletes and how to maximize your program's potential.

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