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Little after she became my instructor, my back pain was -for the first time in my life- gone. Yasmine introduced me to the aerial world and her passion for it became my passion for it too. She also introduced me to the concept of active stretching, and ever since we started working on it I could see the greatest changes on my body, not only in flexibility, but also in strength, resistance, shape and posture. It wasn’t only my physical aspect that she changed, though, but she also equipped me with a whole bunch of self-esteem and self-confidence that I would have never dreamed having.


From “move it this way” to “keep it locked/tilted, even if it means that the range of motion is smaller”, she gave me all the clues and tips to work out safely, in accordance to the specific needs of my body.  Her knowledge of how muscles work, the best ways to take all the possible advantage of every move, body limits, muscle chains…the way she passes on you all that knowledge is what makes her such a great instructor. She takes her time and more patience than a person can possibly have to help you understand why your body reacts this or that way, why you need to work on this or that, why it’s important to tilt the pelvis for this move or keep your ribs closed for this other, or how smaller moves but keeping everything controlled is more effective than bigger moves with compensations from other parts of the body."   - Maria, Calgary

"Yasmine is wonderful to work with. She knowledgeable, passionate and really cares about helping empower you to make your body the healthiest it can be. I went to Yasmine because of a hamstring injury I sustained in yoga. She really took the time to assess me, ask me questions and was explain why she was recommending certain exercises. She even followed up with a video of her doing an exercise that I was unsure about and reccomended some resistance bands. She's amazing! I can't say enough good things." -Jenna, Toronto

"Yasmine is has a natural talent for athletic therapy and is very hard working. Yasmine has strong therapeutic hands and keen eyes to identify the cause of shoulder blade pain, helped me understand the mechanics of my body, and very quickly devised a treatment plan in just our first hour together. I now have hope that I can reduce Pain I assumed would always be there I will recommend Yasmine to all my friends that want to keep doing the activities they love for a very long time." -DS

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