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Athletic Therapy


A thorough and accurate assessment is the most important part of your recovery from any injury. Athletic therapists are the experts in assessment and management of injury to muscles, bones, and joints. We look for ways that your body is compensating because of injury, and we search for reasons why your body might have become injured in the first place.

We assess, manage, treat, and rehabilitate all kinds of orthopedic injury.  Unlike other kinds of manual therapy such as chiropractic care, massage therapy, osteopathy and physiotherapy, athletic therapists go from the clinic right to the sidelines, ready to recognize and manage injuries from the moment they happen on the field, rink, stage, or court, and our goal is to get you to return to play as soon as safely possible.

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Physical Therapy for Youth

Aerialists, gymnasts, dancers, and any other artistic athletes, we will not tell you to stop doing what you love! Our ultimate goal is to get you back to sport and activity as quickly and safely as possible. We tailor your rehabilitation to your sport, your lifestyle, and your needs as an individual. We aim to get you faster, stronger, and fitter than before you came in.

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